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Spring Cleaning Tips for Healthier Homes

spring cleaning pickeringSpring has arrived! The springtime is a perfect time to deep clean and organize your home. For some, this is a big endeavor that can become overwhelming and downright daunting. Don’t let the scale of the task intimidate you–break tasks into smaller pieces and tackle things one step at a time and you will be amazed at how quickly things get done and how great your home looks.

We’ve compiled a few tips for Pickering homeowners wanting to do a little spring cleaning. Not only will your home look great, but you can have the peace of mind that it is a healthy indoor environment for you and your family.

1. Get Organized

Throughout the year we all collect new things, forget to put things back where they belong, and dump all sorts of random items in junk drawers. Take a moment in each room to go through and remove items that don’t belong. Throw out expired products or food and put like items together.

Springtime is also a perfect time to clean out your closets and pantry. Donate clothing that no longer fits or that you no longer wear to a local Pickering charity, and organize your clothing by type and color. You can also go through your linens and replace items that are worn, old, or stained.

2. Tackle Deep Cleaning

At least once a year take the time to do some deep cleaning. This means cleaning under and behind appliances and furniture, cleaning your tile and grout, and having your upholstered furniture and carpets cleaned. Dust your baseboards, clean the tops and insides of cabinets, and clean all of your appliances. Don’t forget to wash small rugs, curtains and blinds, too.

Regular maintenance cleaning throughout the year should keep this from becoming a big task, but remember to just take things one step at a time. The good news is that you can hire QJS for a professional clean of your tile and grout, carpets and furniture in The Durham Region or GTA. If a deep-cleaning is necessary, this is often the best way to ensure you get the deepest clean and you can check these items off your spring cleaning checklist.

3. Schedule Maintenance Tasks Throughout the Year

The best way to make spring cleaning worthwhile is to make sure you keep the items clean and organized throughout the year. If you know that your baseboards accumulate dust each month, add that to your regular cleaning routine. If high-traffic areas of your carpet get dirty and require professional cleaning more frequently, schedule a professional carpet cleaner to perform a touch-up.

Keeping your floors and home clean throughout the year ensures you keep a healthier home, but also when spring cleaning comes around, means there will be less work for you.

Maintain a Healthy Home

The key to maintaining a healthy home is keeping a clean home. The battle with dust is never-ending, and if you have pets or children, you may only have time to clean up messes as they happen! Set aside time each month, whether it is a few hours or just 30 minutes, that you can focus on deeper cleaning, even if just one task gets accomplished.

As a result of your efforts, your home will be healthier, with reduced amounts of dust and allergens that can affect your indoor air quality. If you are in need of deep cleaning like professional carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, or air duct cleaning in Durham Region or the GTA, QJS can help! Call us today to schedule.