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Supplies & Solutions Division

The Supplies & Solutions Division is how QJS stays on the cutting edge of the Janitorial and Specialty cleaning industry. We deal with a full range of equipment and Eco-friendly chemical suppliers for our chemicals, tools, equipment, and consumable supplies. Specifically, we serve our clients in Durham and the GTA with cost-effective products and at the same time be responsible for our ecological footprint.

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Cleaning Chemicals:

  • commercial cleaning solutions
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Canadian certified sanitizing chemicals
  • Certified Green cleaning solutions
  • Janitorial & Specialty cleaners

Cleaning Tools:

  • Floor Care: Mops / Dusters / Brooms
  • Hand Scrubbers / Bowl Brushes/ Hand Dusters
  • Safety / Protective Gear
  • Bins/ Mop Buckets
  • Coloured microfibre cloths


  • Vacuums: Upright, Back Pack, Wide area
  • Floor Machines and Auto Scrubbers

Consumable Products:

  • Paper products
  • Garbage bags
  • Soaps and deodorizers
  • Hand Sanitizers (Liquid, Foam)
  • Bathroom products

Entrance Matting System

  • QJS is a proud distributor of M+A Matting (Previously Andersen Mats)

Our clients rely on QJS’s top quality and environmentally safe cleaning products to maintain their facility looking optimum in appearance and cleanliness.

We are proud to distribute Eco-friendly products to our clients.