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Janitorial Services in Bowmanville

Janitorial Services in Bowmanville Featuring Skilled Employees

QJS has been in business for three decades. Our number one priority has been to provide consistent excellence for our customers who are looking for the finest janitorial services in Bowmanville.

A clean efficient  workplace is our priority and our employees are all trained to promote a healthy safe environment. These staff members have all the skills and use an active disease control plan to eliminate cross-contamination.

QJS is proud to use non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are an excellent choice for all  the occupants of any building. Our number one priority is to keep each of our clients completely satisfied.

All of the services that we provide our backed up by our Q Approved Standard. This is our own unique building maintenance model that has customers and clients coming back year after year.

Separates Our Services From The Competition

This is the standard that separates our services from the competition. The protective systems that are offered include WHMIS training and controls as well as additional comprehensive workplace training. The proper insurance is also added. Our team will also implement a personal disease control station.

Other Features of Our Janitorial Services in Bowmanville

The professionalism we offer features other industry-leading items. Our client satisfaction guarantee includes our commitment to responsible work loading. We also offer a variety of different options under the janitorial services banner including water restoration.

We are also very proud of our Supplies and Solutions division that’s on the cutting edge of our services. QJS deals with a wide range of Eco friendly chemical suppliers and equipment providers for our tools, chemicals, equipment and consumable supplies.

Excellent Equipment

Of course, we also supply an excellent variety of equipment that includes upright vacuums, auto scrubbers and floor machines that are of the highest quality. Making sure that we cover all the bases for your janitorial needs is our focus.

That’s why you will also see a good range of consumable products like hand sanitizers, deodorizers and soaps as well as garbage bags and paper products.

QJS supplies janitorial services in Bowmanville that puts our clients first. We are proud of the fact that we’ve been in business for three decades and enjoyed a slow but steady growth as the years have gone by. Through that time, our priority has always been the same. To deliver outstanding cleaning services and be the most respected company in the business.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

“I watched one of their employees begin to clean the carpets at my church. These carpets were beyond dirty and I thought there was no way the stains were coming out. The young guy doing the work seemed very meticulous. I didn’t want to disturb him so I left. On my return the next day I was truly amazed. The carpets looked brand new. What a super job. These guys know what they are doing. I would use them myself. I met the company owner, Kevin, a great fellow” RT