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Janitorial Services Ajax

Janitorial Services Ajax

Our janitorial services in Ajax are complete, affordable, and thorough. We partner with a large range of Eco-friendly suppliers. That’s why we have an excellent supply of tools, chemicals, consumable supplies, and equipment in our inventory.

Stopping moisture and dirt right at your front door is an important part of the services we offer. That’s why we encourage people to look through our inventory of carpeted mats, WaterHog mats, and scraper mats.
Did you know that all most all of the dirt, dust and moisture that gets brought into your building can be contained with the right mat?

That’s just one of the reasons our janitorial services in Ajax carry anti-fatigue mats. These work well with the residential and commercial cleaning services we supply. They are excellent for reducing fatigue caused by standing.

Contacting us to get a quote for janitorial services in Ajax is easy. Give us a call or fill out the form on our website.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Ajax

QJS has three decades of experience in commercial carpet cleaning in Ajax. Our building maintenance model is called Q approved. It works and keeps clients returning on a yearly basis for all of their commercial building maintenance requirements.

Providing a healthier place for you is our number one priority. We do this with an effective green cleaning set of processes that include cross-contamination controls.

We provide a comprehensive commercial carpet cleaning service to our business clients. Our team uses the most innovative technologically advanced equipment and the most environmentally friendly cleaning agents and materials.

Don’t forget to ask about our matting system. It’s the first line of defense in our commercial carpet cleaning in Ajax toolbox.

Fair and Affordable

We offer a fair and affordable pricing structure. It’s based on the area that gets cleaned and not on how many rooms are involved in the project. We will ask about the size of your different rooms on the phone and then confirm the numbers before we give you a quote.

That way there are no surprises when you use our services.

QJS looks after all of the details. In fact, we are only too happy to move any piece of furniture that can easily be moved by one person. All we ask is that you remove loose items from the tables in your commercial space. That will prevent them from falling down and breaking while we do our job.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

“I watched one of their employees begin to clean the carpets at my church. These carpets were beyond dirty and I thought there was no way the stains were coming out. The young guy doing the work seemed very meticulous. I didn’t want to disturb him so I left. On my return the next day I was truly amazed. The carpets looked brand new. What a super job. These guys know what they are doing. I would use them myself. I met the company owner, Kevin, a great fellow” RT