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How to Choose a Janitorial Service in Oshawa

janitorial services oshawaIf you are considering hiring a janitorial service, chances are you are unhappy with your current service. Last time you thought you did your research, you checked references, and asked all the right questions. Now your contract is up, and you are again spending time looking for a new janitorial service provider in Oshawa. How can you be sure to find the right company that will meet your needs, provide quality customer service, and who is reliable and does a great job?

If that sounds like a dream, you may not be asking the right questions when it comes to selecting the best janitorial service for your property. Since hiring a janitorial service is a big commitment, we at QJS want to help make sure you know what to look for.

Prepare and Plan

Before contacting a prospective janitorial services provider in Oshawa, you should take an assessment of your needs so you can quickly provide some basic information upfront to ensure the janitorial company provides the services you need. Generally, this information can include the size of the area to be cleaned, the type of flooring, how many restrooms, and whether there are any special needs that may fall out of the realm of regular janitorial services.

If you have an existing janitorial service, take note of some of the things they do well, and areas you wish they would improve upon. This can help you identify things that are important when choosing your janitorial service.

Ask the Right Questions

A lot of janitorial service decisions are made based on price, and unfortunately the lowest priced janitorial service may not have the highest standards or the best customer service. Knowing which questions to ask can help you differentiate the best from the worst.

You should always ask about their employees – what qualifications are needed when hiring, what type of training their employees are required to have, and whether they provide opportunities for ongoing training are all important things to consider. A company that values its employees tends to have higher-performing employees.

You should also ask about their customer service system, as well as billing. You should know up front how and when the janitorial service will communicate with you, as well as how you can communicate questions or concerns to them. You should know how problems are resolved, and how quickly.

Consider Cost v. Value

Janitorial services are often viewed as a commodity, and all too often business and property owners fall into a cycle where they choose the lowest bid, and then spend the next several months regretting their decision due to poor performance or poor customer service from the janitorial service. If you have a lot of problems and are calling your janitorial service a lot, it’s probably costing you a lot more than you originally anticipated.

So always consider the value of the service you will receive, rather than just the price that you pay, especially if you will get better service and highly trained and qualified cleaning crews. Not all janitorial services are the same, and you generally get what you pay for.

Professional Janitorial Services in Oshawa

Choosing the right janitorial service for your Oshawa property is an important decision, and we encourage you to take the time you need to make an informed decision. At QJS, we are here to answer any of your questions, and would be happy to discuss our services with you.