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End of Summer HVAC Cleaning

duct cleaning durham regionNow that summer is starting to end, you should consider having your HVAC system cleaned. Having the contaminants from your home removed, the effects of mold or even dust are greatly reduced from your home. With clean, healthy air circulating in your home is a must for those who are sensitive to indoor contaminants. Especially with people that have allergies. It is completely normal for a person to realize the effects after having their HVAC system cleaned. Here below are five reasons you should have your HVAC serviced or even inspected.

Fewer Allergies

With allergies being at an all-time high in America, cleaning your HVAC can help protect your family from harm from dust and other contaminants in the air. Air ducts are a great place for bacteria, fungi, mold, and other allergies to reproduce in your home. Children who are four years of age or younger are at higher risk of allergies, or even asthma. Seattle Healthy Projects says that if your child does not come into contact with asthma between birth and your years old, they may never develop asthma.

Many homes in America now have pets that live with them inside. With that, fur from your animal will get trapped in your vents and can build up germs, fungus or allergies that can cause bacteria. Leftover dander from a pet can even cause reactions for people who have allergies. The overly built up fur and dander in your HVAC system can decrease the efficiency in your home. The clumps of fur will slow down the air flow thus slowing down the whole HVAC system.

Higher Quality of Air

Mostly everyone who has an air ducts system have their system located in their basement. Most times your basements can have a wet or damp floor causing the increase for mold. Having mold or mildew in your home can decrease the air quality in your home. Most times mold and mildew will grow around your HVAC system. To help prevent mold growth in your basement or near your HVAC system, you should use an anti-microbial to use in your system to help clean and prevent mold and mildew growth in your home. Giving your home a better quality air flow.

All of us like to have a clean home to impress family and friends. However, do you find it being a pain when you dust one day and the very next day you have dust built up again?! The reason that this happens is because the dust in your home continues to pass through your HVAC system and keeps recirculating.

Having a properly cleaned HVAC system in the Pickering area can increase efficiency in your system giving you’re the best air for you and your family. The build up the hair, dust, and other contaminants can slow down the efficiency of your system. When you have a professional fully remove the debris from your system, the motor and fans do not need to work as hard to put out the same amount of air flow. This will make sure your home has the best quality air that it can.

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