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Duct Cleaning: The Importance of Maintaining Even What You Can’t See

air duct cleaning durham regionIt’s pretty easy in life to look past things we can’t really see. For example, we don’t check the oil in our car often – but know we need to get it changed regularly to help keep our cars in good running order. So why should duct cleaning be any different? You may not be looking inside the ducts at your Raleigh-area home or business, but if you haven’t had them cleaned recently, there is a good chance there is some duct buildup – and maybe more.

The importance of routine professional duct cleaning by an experienced company like QJS Specialty Cleaning goes even further than that.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Long-standing, but unseen water or moisture in your ductwork could cause permanent damage.
  • A duct cleaning could turn up evidence of rodent or insect infestations that might otherwise go undetected for some time.
  • If there is an unpleasant odor permeating the air in your home or business, a thorough duct cleaning could resolve the problem.
  • You may get to dust less! That’s right, all that dust and debris that has collected in your ducts over time could be the reason you see dust on your bookcase just hours after you cleaned it last.
  • Dust and debris build up could reduce the efficiency and air flow of your HVAC system be 10, 20, 30, even 40 percent depending on the severity of the buildup.
  • Getting your ducts cleaned could help alleviate allergies of those occupying the space.

The Cleaning Process

When you set up an appointment to have some air ducts cleaned, a well-trained technician will first inspect each duct, and then the cleaning process begins. Reputable companies offering duct cleaning will have a variety of brushes and vacuum equipment specially designed to clean ductwork. Technicians will use the tools best suited for each unique job.

Plus, crews will work to clean all the air returns, diffusers, and vents throughout the home, removing any dust and debris buildup you could see with a peek through the openings in the vents.

Parts of your HVAC system may be addressed as well such as fan motors, coils, and system housing. Failing to clean the system all the way down to the source will mean your ductwork will get dirty again in no time.

Don’t Attempt to DIY

 Attempting to clean your ductwork yourself could be like doing a car repair when you aren’t an experienced mechanic. These days, there are YouTube videos and instruction manuals to do just about anything in life on your own. However, there are always benefits to having an expert take care of business. Poor air duct cleaning could damage your system, and may even decrease the air quality in your home.

If you want to try to go as long between professional duct cleanings as possible, be sure you are changing your furnace air filters often, properly maintaining your HVAC equipment, and very simply keeping your house clean to reduce the number of contaminants that can get caught in the ducts.

And when it’s time for that cleaning at your Raleigh-area home or business, give the team at QJS Specialty Cleaning a shout!

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