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Dirty Office, Dirty Reputation

Successful business woman and man working at the office Why a presentable office space means so much in business

You wouldn’t dream of walking into a job interview in sweatpants, a torn t-shirt, and greasy hair, would you? Of course not! Appearance is everything, and you only have one chance to make a good first impression. The front of your Whitby business is no different. The moment a customer walks through that door, they are taking in their surroundings and deciding if you’re trustworthy – or not; a successful business or not. Sure, that’s judging a book by its cover, but almost everyone does it.

A clean, tidy, organized appearance will give that new customer confidence they’ve come to the right place. Having a janitorial service working behind the scenes to keep your appearance top notch is well worth the investment. Not only will your customers feel good about doing business with you, your employees will feel proud to be in the professional-looking space.

Need more reasons than that to clean up your front office act? Here you go:

 Overall Appearance

 We’ve talked about the appearance of the front office, but what about other spaces a customer might see – like the bathroom. Have you ever been in a restaurant where the bathroom is filthy, there’s hair on the floor, and the toilet paper roll is empty? What kind of impression did that leave?

Simply keeping the bathroom spic and span and toilet paper stocked is another way to show your customers that you care about every aspect of your business and building. Seriously, the appearance of the bathroom should mirror the appearance of the front – clean, organized, and ready for business.


How efficient is an office filled with clutter, unfiled paperwork, and dust bunnies? Probably not very! Having a professional cleaning service, like QJS Specialty Cleaning, come into your office space regularly could truly help your workers be better at their jobs. The better your staff is able the work, the better they will serve your customers.

Long-Term Maintenance

Keeping carpets clean will expand their life. Similarly, making sure dust is taken care of regularly means less of a chance that your expensive equipment like computers and printers will get clogged and bogged down by dust bunnies. You know in your home that it’s much easier to clean on a regular basis, a quick vacuum here and quick dust there, than having a marathon cleaning session every few months. That can get exhausting, and the dust and grime that builds up in that time can be harder to clean. Your office is no different.


Dust and other allergens can quickly become embedded in carpets, piled up in the duct system, and worm their way into tight spaces. Once enough of it is present, be ready for some of your staff to start experiencing allergy issues. It’s so important that the air we breathe is clean, and even something as simple as a routine cleaning schedule in the office can make all the difference.

Plus, dust aside, think about all the germs on the counters, desk, computers, phones, etc. A simple wipe down of those areas with a disinfectant wipe could quickly stomp out flu bug or other germs that could otherwise quickly spread among your staff and even your customers.

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