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Commercial Matting

Commercial Matting

QJS is a proud distributor of M + A Matting (Previously Andersen Mats)

QJS recommends using quality matting as your first line of defense by trapping soil at your front door and helping to protect your floor finishes. This helps to ensure your floor maintenance program is cost effective.

M + A Matting has become the leader in the development and production of solutions based, high-performance mat products. An effective matting system employees three principles: Scrapping, Trapping, Wiping..

M +A Mats are 100% Eco-friendly. They use 100% post-consumer recycled PET polyester fiber reclaimed from plastic bottles. The Green Building Council of Canada recognizes that high-quality entrance systems are an integral part of Green Buildings

For a full list of products, please visit: https://www.mamatting.com/