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Commercial Janitorial Service Durham Region

janitorial cleaning service durhamMaintaining a clean and professional office is important for creating a healthy, safe, a comfortable workplace for your employees and your customers. But do you have a plan for keeping a clean office?

The benefits of having a clean office are obvious—happier and healthier employees, having a good first impression with customers, and even increased employee productivity. Hiring a commercial janitorial service we believe is the best way to ensure a clean office, but there are also some things you can do to help. Here are some tips for keeping your office clean and professional.

Disinfect Surfaces and Kill Germs

When you start to think about how many people come and go in your office daily, and all the surfaces they touch such as keyboards, telephones, doorknobs, and office supplies and equipment, it’s pretty easy to see how germs are spread in the workplace. Encourage the use of antimicrobial hand soap and hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of germs.

A commercial janitorial service will wipe down and disinfect the surfaces in your workplace to kill existing germs and to prevent the spread of germs to other employees. A combination of personal sanitation combined with a commercial janitorial service is the best defense against germs.

Strategically Use Matting

Entrance mats and mats in high-traffic areas trap dirt and moisture before they can be tracked into your office. Matting helps protect your carpeting, and also help maintain a clean appearance.

QJS is a Proud distributor of Andersen mats.

Always Be Prepared

Accidents happen—whether an employee spills coffee on the carpet, a pen explodes, or a toilet overflows. The secret is to be prepared whenever something does happen to minimize the damage. It’s a good idea to keep cleaning supplies on hand and to know the best way to handle certain situations. Talk to your commercial janitorial service provider for more information.

Keep it Clean and Organized

Nothing says dirty and unorganized like a messy desk. Keep your desk clean, organized, and free of clutter to reduce the number of germs and dust on your desk, and to promote a professional appearance.

Hire a Commercial Janitorial Service in Durham Region

Hiring a commercial cleaning service to clean and maintain your office is one of the best ways to ensure your office maintains that professional, trustworthy, and organized appearance you strive to achieve. A commercial janitorial service also reduces your burden, as all your cleaning tasks will be taken care of.

QJS provides commercial janitorial services in the Durham Region and GTA. Contact us to schedule a consultation and to learn about how we can help you.