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Commercial Duct Cleaning Process – 26 STEPS

  1. Test and inspect the furnace and air system
  2. Seal off vents with magnet covers for maximum isolation
  3. Protect walls and floors
  4. Turn off system
  5. Inquire of air balancing and mark dampener
  6. Create an access point in hot air trunk
  7. Pre-inspection of the hot air system
  8. Connect suction to hot air trunk (create negative air)
  9. Place a protective mat in front of the vent, and vacuum register opening (as needed)
  10. Adjust the register damper to allow maximum airflow
  11. Using compressed air and whips, clean individual vents using compressed air (and negative air), blow out individual vents throughout the house
  12. Re-adjust the damper and vent settings for the balance system.  Adjust airflow for balancing of system
  13. Using an air snake, whips, or brushes, clean hot air trunk
  14. Send reverse blowing skipper ball up individual hot air trunk for additional cleaning
  15. Post-inspection of the hot air system
  16. Pre-test furnace function
  17. Create access point to the cold air return
  18. Pre-inspection of cold air return
  19. Connect suction to cold air return
  20. Using compressed air, whips or brushes (and negative air) blow out individual cold air returns throughout the house
  21. Using air snake, whips, or brushes, clean cold air return trunk
  22. Post-inspection of cold air return Inspect cold air return trunk
  23. Inspect and adjust the dampener
  24. Seal up system
  25. Turn the system on and test