Top 5 Reasons to Hire QJS Janitorial Services

janitorial services durha,

janitorial services durha,When a new client enters your office or workplace, they expect and appreciate a clean, inviting atmosphere. While most of us dread cleaning before company comes, instead of dealing with the hassle, you can rely on QJS for all of your janitorial office cleaning needs. Our technicians use green solutions that are safe for the environment, while providing your business with great service and quality cleaning. QJS offers over 25 years of experience in the Janitorial industry.

Here are the top 5 reasons to hire QJS Janitorial services for your commercial property.

  1. Make A Good First Impression

A well cleaned and maintained business space will inform your customers that you care about your business. While it might not be a grand gesture, having a clean and well-kept environment can express your professionalism, and reflect to you customers the quality of service that you can provide to them.

  1. Peace of Mind Equals Increased Productivity

A clean workspace will allow you and your employees to be free from clutter and debris. You and your employees are already busy with responsibilities, cleaning shouldn’t be one of them. By cutting down on unnecessary distractions, such as cleaning, you’ll be able to relax and know that you’ll have a safe, germ free work space allowing you to focus on work and put your efforts into providing quality service to your customers.

  1. Improved Health

When your office is properly cleaned, it’s more than a simple wipe down. Professional janitorial services include regular cleaning, dusting and sanitizing of surfaces, helping reduce the number of germs and debris buildup. When employees are sick, you can suffer from a decrease in morale and productivity. If your workspace is regularly and thoroughly cleaned, it’ll reduce the amount of sick time of your employees.

  1. Supply of Janitorial and Consumable Product

At QJS, we provide your business with safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions and tools to treat and clean your office. From vacuuming and moping to dusting and scrubbing your work surfaces will be germ free. We’ll also provide consumable products such as toilet paper, soap and garbage bags. This won’t only save you time, but also money as we can get these items at a more affordable cost.

  1. Leave it to the Professionals

While it may be daunting to hire an outside cleaning company to clean and care for your office space, it’s our job to make the transition a practical decision for you. You have so many responsibilities and tasks already, you don’t want to budget what little time you have left in your day to cleaning your office. Our technicians are certified in the best and safest practices, and will uphold the highest standard and quality of cleanliness.

Make 2017 the Year you STOP Cleaning

Make 2017 the Year you STOP Cleaning

Picture this: running a business without worrying about stocking the toilet paper, emptying garbage bags, cleaning the lunchroom counter for the 20th time this week, cleaning or plunging that clogged toilet – again.

Imagine taking the time you or your employees used to spend doing these things (and more) and spending it on work directly related to your business! We are talking more hours time to catch up on emails, file paperwork, reach out to potential new customers, and so on.

2017 is the year you are going to get your time back by hiring QJS as professional Janitorial Service to do the dirty work for you.

Boost Company Morale

When you hire a professional janitorial company like QJS, you know the work is going to get done properly. While most employees don’t mind pitching in to help from time to time, and likely will anyway if something needs to be done between janitorial visits, having to clean toilets at work on a daily basis probably isn’t a job they expected when they took the job in the first place. Let them focus on what you hired them to do, and our crews will focus on what we are hired to do.

Save Money

It might be hard to believe you could actually save money by paying for janitorial services, but time is money, right? So how many hours a week are you or your employees spending maintaining and cleaning while at work, on the clock? When you hired those people, you likely expected them to be working during those hours but every hour they are cleaning instead is a loss of possible revenue! Plus, you’re paying them not only their salary, but also their benefits, retirement accounts, paid holidays, and so on. When you hire a professional janitorial service, you pay a flat rate and let us worry about the rest. Another cash savings? You can stop buying the Supplies and Solutions,  QJS can get all these things at a lower cost than you can from a local home improvement or hardware store. Plus, we use all environmentally-safe products, meaning there won’t be harsh chemicals used on your surfaces, or spread in the air in your office.


This is a contracted service. We don’t call in sick, or miss an appointment. We are committed to high-quality work, and have highly satisfied customers to prove it. When you handle janitorial needs in house, things may get laxed during the holidays or when someone is out sick or on vacation. By hiring a professional janitorial service, you know the work is going to get done – and going to get done correctly. You also know it can be done quietly and discretely, often after hours or on weekends, when you, your employees, and your customers won’t be disturbed.

Still not convinced? Check out some of our other blogs on this site for more reasons hiring a professional janitorial service in 2017 will be one of the best business decisions you make this year.