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carpet cleaningConsidering that you walk all over it day in and day out. Your carpet is put under a lot of abuse. If you’re not careful the quality and aesthetic appeal of your carpet will diminish quickly. There are a few big no no’s when it comes to carpet maintenance that if not allowed could yield very bad results for you. Here are a couple of things to look out for to protect your carpet.

 Water damage-

This danger is most prevalent after a flood in your home of after a large amount of liquid has been spilled on your carpet. That water can really sink down deep into your carpet causing a host of problems. It could cause structural damage to your floorboards, or even more common mold will begin to grow underneath your carpet and before you know it that mold can spread very quickly. The key in prevention to this is to begin removing the water as quickly as possible, using fans and dehumidifiers, and airing out your home to let the water evaporate away.

 Improper cleaning-

Believe it or not, cleaning your carpet can actually ruin it. This was a problem years ago with less modern carpet cleaning technology, but it can still occur today. The issue to avoid is using too much water in the cleaning process. If too much water is left on the carpet after it has been cleaned, the water and cleaning residue will rise to the top of the carpet as it dries and will actually attract more dirt leaving the carpet with a dull look and even stains at times. The best way to clean your carpet is to periodically hire professionals to come and do so.

 Improper vacuuming-

This is a pretty easy problem to avoid, but a lot of people don’t think about. Dependent on the height of your carpet you should adjust the height of your vacuum. You’ll want to get it just right since if the vacuum is too high it won’t pick up all the dirt you need it do and do its job, Also, if the vacuum is too low it can significant damage to your carpet over time. With this one, just be wise and take the time to adjust your vacuum height from room to room dependent on the carpet.

 Using an overly harsh chemical cleaner without testing it first-

On the warning label for any carpet cleaning agent out there, it will tell you to test the cleaner on a small, inconspicuous part of the carpet before you begin just to make sure it won’t have an undesirable reaction with the carpet. So when you’re cleaning make sure to take the time to do this so your carpet isn’t damaged unnecessarily.

 Not calling the professionals-

The biggest mistake people make when dealing with their carpet is not calling the professionals if they have a problem. At QJS Services in Whitby, Canada, we are one such company with the experience and skill set to help you keep your carpet looking great in any situation. Don’t hesitate to call so we can make sure this is taken care of for you.

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