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Carpet Care Tips For Long Lasting Carpet

carpet cleaningThe carpet in your home is a big investment and it should receive the same care as other major purchases. Maintaining and properly cleaning your carpet will make it last twice as long. But we all know how tough it can be to keep it clean. Especially challenging are those high traffic areas like the hallway, the front entrance and to a lesser degree, every room entrance.

Although the fight to keep carpet looking good is a challenge, there are things one can do to protect and keep a good looking carpet in good condition. Most consumers allow their carpet to become soiled before cleaning. This is a major mistake in judgment. Care of your new carpet is a major determining factor in how your carpet will perform and how long it will last. Carpet care amounts to more than weekly vacuuming. Proper carpet care involves preventing soil from entering your home by using entry mats, selecting a vacuum cleaner with a good vacuum cleaner rating, immediate stain removal, and regular professional carpet cleaning.

Prevent Carpet Wear and Tear

One especially helpful tip is to vacuum the carpet as much as possible. Vacuuming in many directions is particularly helpful to pull out deep embedded soils that are hard to get to. Make a habit of vacuuming as often as possible to avoid any soils to settle into the threads. This can eventually stain and discolor the carpet if not addressed regularly.

Too much pressure on one area of carpet can be stressful to the fibers causing the carpet to sink, flatten and ultimately wear out. These high traffic areas should be protected and given TLC to lengthen the life of the carpet. It is helpful to use rugs or carpet runners so that the high amount of traffic doesn’t destroy or flatten the carpet being walked on.

Often it’s the small things that count. With some extra care, carpet can stay looking new and clean for a long time. Placing a shoe mat at the front entrance comes in handy so that people can wipe their shoes before entering, eliminating the possibility for loose soils to be embedded into the carpet.

Keep Carpets Clean and Stain-Free

Never take your time cleaning up a spill as it can stain the carpet permanently. When spills happen, the best thing to do is to clean them up right away. Plain water should do the trick for most spills by simply dabbing the spill with a wet cloth. Do not rub it back and forth as this will only cause more widespread staining.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

On a yearly basis, sometimes more frequently, it is recommended you have your carpets cleaned professionally. Not only will this brighten the carpet if done regularly, it will bring it back to life and bring out any deeply embedded soils that have gotten trapped deep down in the fibers. This is definitely the way to keep the carpet in tip-top shape, giving you the comfortable feel of a clean carpet with a nice look.

Professional carpet cleaning should occur regularly to ensure you carpets are clean, healthy, and look great. If you have pets, kids, or suffer from allergies, you may need to have your carpets professionally cleaned more frequently to keep them looking great and to reduce allergens embedded in your carpets.

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