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Air Conditioner Cleaning – 18 STEPS


  1. Turn off the Air Conditioner circuit breaker.

  2. Ensure the A-Coil evaporator is installed properly right above the heat exchangers for proper access.

  3. Create an access point under

  4. Create access point above

  5. Inspect the evaporator pan for leaks, cracks, or rust.

  6. Do a visual inspection of leaks, both interior and exterior.

  7. Install a vacuum above the evaporator and create negative air pressure beneath the coil.

  8. Using gentle compressed air and brushes, dislodge debris and dust in evaporator’s top side.

  9. Vacuum all accessible surfaces beneath the evaporator (pending access).

  10. Vacuum all accessible surfaces above the evaporator.

  11. Seal (air-tight) access points above and below the evaporator.

  12. Condenser – do a visual inspection to ensure the area around provides no air obstructions (i.e. vegetation, garbage).

  13. Brush all debris off condenser coils outside the unit (no disassembly required)

  14. Spray coil cleaner throughout the condenser.

  15. Do a visual inspection of the unit, leaks, cracks, etc. for damage.

  16. If applicable, inspect the drainage tube to ensure it is clean and free of obstructions.

  17. Rinse off the condenser until no dirt or cleaner is found.

  18. Turn on the circuit breaker for the Air Conditioner