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A Priority Requires Focus

By Kevin Casey

You do not hear the word “priority” used very often these days.  Nowadays, you hear the term “priorities”, as in more than one priority.

In business, professional plate spinning and juggling is often required for success, but this can often come at the cost of not doing things with excellence.

Being an individual and company that preaches excellence, I need to continually remind myself of what our TOP priority is.

In the book 4 Disciplines of Execution, the exercise of defining your WIG (Wildly Important Goal) is encouraged.

This means taking the time to define what is the single most important thing you can do as a company to achieve the greatest chances of success.

What we found in our company is that our WIG was interwoven within each of our departments.

As a result, we needed to focus our priority throughout our organization and track our success to keep it at the top of our minds in all our efforts.

It also meant we needed to say no to some initiatives as they didn’t truly support our top priority.

Defining your priority doesn’t mean you have no other important initiatives, but it does mean you have a clarity of thought that enables you not to sacrifice your WIG for far less important initiatives.

For 2021 take time to consider what is your TOP priority. This could be new sales, improving customer service, lowering COG, educating customers on your services offered, defining your unique selling proposition, training, etc.

Identifying, clarifying, and making this your top PRIORITY is the key to your success.

2021 has come and COVID-19 is still with us. In times of business threat, we need to declutter our mind and operations from distractions and focus on our top PRIORITY.