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5 Ways QJS Janitorial Services Can Help Your Business

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If you have been considering using a janitorial service for your commercial building or office in Durham or the GTA, we invite you to consider QJS.

A professional janitorial service like QJS provides numerous direct and indirect benefits for businesses that affect both the bottom line and productivity.

Promote a Healthy Workplace

Keeping a clean workplace is more than just appearances. Offices and businesses have people coming and going on a regular basis and in tight quarters. This can easily promote the spread of viruses and bacteria, resulting in sickness and lost productivity. QJS improves clean air by maintaining clean surfaces free of dust and toxic cleaners.
By reducing dust and allergens as well as bacteria and viruses in your workplace, your employees will be happier and healthier. At QJS, we use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products to preserve the health of your workplace.

Maintain a Clean Appearance

Keeping up appearances is important and affects your relationship with your customers, clients or business partners. A dirty or disorganized office sends a negative message about your business and how you operate. By utilizing a janitorial service, you can maintain a clean, organized appearance that will also promote a positive and productive workplace for your employees.

Increased Employee Productivity

No one wants to work in a dirty office and no one wants to have to clean when they have other job-related tasks to do. You can improve employee productivity and morale by hiring a janitorial service. By saving your employees time they would have spent cleaning, you can see increased productivity and profitability.
Don’t ask your employees to clean and stock bathrooms, empty trash cans, vacuum, dust and sanitize surfaces. You hired your employees to perform a specific task, and cleaning duties are not generally among their job duties. You can hire QJS to do the rest.

Ensure Eco-friendly Supplies and Solutions are Being Used

QJS janitorial services provides all our locations with the best certified eco conscious cleaning chemicals. We also distribute these supplies and solutions to other cleaning companies. Some of our service offerings are: Microfiber technology, Cross Contamination control, WHMIS trained personnel, Eye wash stations, Personal Disease Control Station, Hand sanitizing stations, etc.

Efficient and Professional Employees

When you hire QJS, we start with a Needs Analysis of your location. We discuss maintenance of your Supplies and the ongoing replenishment of products, Quality Assurance Inspections (with regular visits from our company reps), Onsite Communication System and ongoing Feedback Surveys Program from our head office, etc. With QJS, you get professional and efficient service.

QJS provides janitorial services in the Durham Region and GTA. We are dedicated to providing a clean and healthy workplace for our clients through the use of the most advanced equipment and the most ecologically friendly products. We have more than 25 years experience in delivering quality janitorial services. Call QJS today to schedule a consultation.