Ceramic & Porcelain

Ceramic & Porcelain Floor Cleaning

Cleaning ceramic and porcelain floors takes a special touch, and QJS is proud to bring you the best. We use the best technology available to break down dirt and restore surfaces to their original shine. This includes the latest controlled power-washing units that power wash using 1,000-1,200PSI.Tile floor cleaning

Moreover, powerful suction surrounds the spinning jets that also vacuums away any dirt, debris, and water. The enclosed vacuum unit allows us to ensure that your walls, baseboard, and furnishings are protected while your floors are completely cleaned.

QJS has the equipment and experience to clean your ceramic and porcelain floors, restoring their original beauty and shine.

Please give us a call at (905) 686-9272, and we will be happy to answer questions or to arrange an in-site quotation.