1. Pre-Inspection

Our technician will start with a visual inspection of your carpet. The technician will consider the fiber type, construction, heavy areas of soiling,  and spotting concerns.

  1. Move appropriate furnishings

To offer a proper cleaning we will need to move tables, chairs, and sofas or any other items that one technician can move safely by himself. Furniture legs will be protected with tabs or blocks.

  1. Pre-vacuum carpet

For heavy restorative cleaning, we will vacuum your carpets prior to service to remove dry soil for the best results. For heavy pet hair, we recommend a pile lifter vacuum t.

  1. Pre-Spray Carpet

We pre-spray spots and high traffic areas. Our attention to detail ensures us we can remove more spots for better overall results.

  1. Carpet Solution Agitation

For heavy restorative cleaning, our technician will gently work the cleaning solution with mechanical agitation ensuring that much of the soil is released from the carpet fibers. Dwelling time after agitation provides maximum soil suspension.

  1. Extraction and Soft Water Rinse

Once the soil has been loosened, our technician will rinse your carpets with extraction using our powerful truck-mounted unit. Pressure and heat (Steam) are regulated to prevent your carpet from getting over-wet. Besides soil, our high-powered vacuum motors also extract dust mites, pollutants, and pollens from the carpets.

  1. Post Spot Treatment

Your carpet will be inspected for stubborn spots post-extraction. We apply specialty spotting solutions to ensure that all spots come out of the carpet.

  1. PH Neutralizer

We PH balance all carpets that are cleaned. This is one of the most important steps according to industry experts. This prevents any sticky residue being left on your carpet.

  1. Grooming of Carpets

Some carpets benefit from grooming. I. E. if protectors are applied grooming is required.

  1. Speed Dry

While on-site we use high-velocity air movers to reduce the drying time; ensuring that your area is clean, dry, and healthy quickly.