QJS Disinfection Services

Because of COVID 19 many businesses had to deal with new protocols and services. At QJS, we quickly had to provide added sanitizing and disinfection services that helped our clients to keep a safe environment for their employees and customers


The breaking down and removal of soil from a surface. 

This removes germs from surfaces but doesn’t kill them. Like washing your hands, it removes dirt and if done properly can also wash away bacteria and viruses. But overall, this doesn’t have any bacteria kill factor.

Method of application is usually cleaning detergents in various solutions. No dwell time required.

PPE not required 

(Gloves and masks are worn at this time by all our cleaners)


The lowering of the bacterial count on a surface for a safer environment. 

This requires a solution that has a disinfecting ability but they often have a low dilution or dwell time to effectively have a 99.9% kill factor. 

Method of application is usually hand wipes or hand/electric sprayers and wiping down afterward.

Dwell time is usually around 1 to 2 minutes.
PPE required: Masks, gloves, and goggles.

Disinfection and Decontamination

Health Canada requires that approved disinfectant products be used when disinfectingCOVID 19 from hard surfaces. All these products should have a Drug Identification Number (DIN) You must also follow the instructions, mix according to dilutions listed, and adhere to the amount of time a surface is required to be wet to reach a disinfectant outcome. Kill rate of 99.99%

Methods of application can vary from hand sprayers, electric sprayers, fogging machines, etc. Wiping afterward might depend on the product used.

Dwell time is usually about 10 minutes

Full PPE required: gloves, N95 respirators or masks, goggles, and full-body disposable coveralls.