PDC Stations

QJS is committed not only to a clean building but also to a healthy environment.  With COVID 19 our efforts are to prevent the spread of the desease or to decontaminate facilities with  The reality is, germs and bacteria are spread throughout the day. They come from many sources such as shaking hands, door knobs, taps, handles, work stations, etc.

QJS would like to introduce you to Personal Disease Control Stations (PDC Stations) that would encourage individuals to do their part to control infection within the workplace. These PDC stations would be mounted centrally on a wall.

They include:

  • Bottle of hand sanitize (such as used in a hospital) Limited availability
  • Dispenser with Anti-bacterial disposable wipes. These can be used to quickly wipe hands, personal phones and work stations. Currently not available.
  • PDC Station Status Board. Colour coded, it provide status and/or warning of present viruses and diseases.

This program communicates to your people that you care about their health, and the health of their families. Health and safety committees love to see  management being proactive to improve the health of their environment. All this and still you save on your bottom line with lowering employee illness.

maintaining a healthy work environment with a PDC station.
Maintaining a healthy work environment with a PDC station.