Common Disinfectants used to treat COVID 19

There are 3 main disinfectants used to address COVID 19 concerns. There are more, but these encompass the majority on the market right now. 

Sodium Hypochlorite- commonly known as bleach. Although it is effective as a disinfectant it must be cautioned also. It is often harsh on soft surfaces and fine fabrics and can cause permanent damage particularly to fabrics. DO NOT mix with other chemicals as it can emit dangerous fumes. Some people think that they can achieve better results if they mix solutions but if bleach is mixed with ammonia it generates toxic chloramine vapor.

Hydrogen Peroxide– Known as an effective disinfectant and often used to disinfect a wound. It can also be harsh on soft surfaces and fine fabrics depending on the formula. Many different cleaning solutions available to use Peroxide. Our preferred application with a hydrogen peroxide cleaner is on hard floors where we want to whiten and brighten the floor while disinfecting in areas such as washrooms and showers.

Quaternary Ammonium Chloride– This disinfectant has a wide variety of formulas. It tends to be safer on soft and fine surfaces. It often needs a 5-10 min dwell time for a kill factor or 99.99%. This is usually our preferred disinfectant as it has few cautions if used as directed.

Disinfecting Wipes:  If you can find them, carefully read the label.  Different products/brands require different dwell times to be effective.  We recently tested one product requiring a 10 minute dwell time however, the surface was dry after 2 minutes. The surface was sanitized not disinfected.